Class Times

Needle Case


1st Sunday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm (week2)
21st Saturday – The Corset (day1) 11-5pm Postponed
22nd Sunday – Pattern Cutting (Skirt) 11-5pm Postponed

4th Saturday – The Corset (day2) 11-5pm Postponed
26th Sunday – The Stay (day1) 11-5pm Postponed

10th Sunday – The Stay (day2) 11 -5pm Postponed

Please contact me if you would like me to run a class from my range.

Further dates to come

Further Information
All classes are held at my sewing studio in the Drill Hall at 36 Dalmeny St, Edinburgh.
There is free on street parking outside the building.
During a full day class there will be a half hour break for lunch.
There is a café that sells a wide range of homemade food in the building which is open all day Monday to Saturday or bring your own packed lunch.

Intensive one to one tuition is available at a rate of £28 per hour.

A booking form can be emailed to you on request.
All workshops must be paid for before the class.

Maximum of 3 students per class so focused attention can be given.

Leith Academy Community Education

Next terms evening classes starts on 20th January
Information & enrolment can be found
at or

Dress Pattern Construction – Beginners – Monday 6.30-8.30pm
Dress Pattern Construction – Improvers – Thursday 7-9pm

35 Responses to Class Times

  1. Robyn Scott says:

    I’ve had a wee look at the courses and I’m interested in doing the intermediate cushions one, could you maybe email me letting me know when the next one is running please? I was very excited to be given the voucher for a course, I’ve been pestering my mum to let me come online to check whats running and when!

    • mairib says:

      Hi Robyn
      There should be one running in October unless I can juggle my times for this month.
      Can I get back to you in the next few days? I may re schedule the class on the Saturday the 11th, I need to check with the other person interested in that class.

  2. Jane keenan says:

    Hi mairi, my 2 friends and I would like to book in for the introduction to sewing class. Do you have one coming up soon? Also do you do any refresher classes? I studied fashion for 2 years in 2000 but have forgotten a lot of the basics. Hoping the introduction class will refresh my memory but also keen to learn more. Cheers

    • mairib says:

      Hello Jane & friends
      I try to run a beginners class each month. I’m in the process of planning the next few months classes at the moment so do you have a preference for any specific Saturday or Sunday?

      • mairib says:

        Hi Jane
        I have tried to email you directly but it keeps getting bounced back undelivered! Do you want to email me your phone number & we can chat about the class possibilities?
        Thanks Mairi

  3. Sue Sinclair says:

    Hi – just starting sewing and I was delighted to find your details as I live nearby!
    I’d like to do Easy Cushions and The Tote Bag (and possibly Sewing for Beginners as well).

    Please keep me informed of your next dates for these.

    Thank you!


    • mairib says:

      Hi Sue
      Thanks for your message.
      If you’re free & live near by I will be in the studio tomorrow as it’s a sewing drop in afternoon & it would be lovely to meet you.
      There is also an arts market running in the Drillhall which is always good for look around.
      My studio is above the main hall & I will have put signs on the stair door if you have time to come up & see me to chat.
      I will be up dating my class dates soon but & will email you when I do so.
      Happy sewing

  4. anita williamson says:

    Hi Mairi…Im interested in doing the boned bodices workshop…when are you running the next one?…as I work full time, Im looking for a Saturday or a Sunday…Anita

  5. Donna Johnston says:

    Hi Mairi
    I’m keen to come along to your beginners course, I can sew a bit but not enough for dressmaking and I would love to make my little girl a summer dress. However I am only in Edinburgh a few days a month can you tell me if you could run this as a one to one?? And hopefully I would be able to join in your normal dress making classes over the summer.
    Many thanks

  6. chloe shand says:

    Having come across your page I wonder if you have new dates for a beginners dress making class in 2013? (I have no real sewing exp).
    Would much appreciate it if you could email this to me.

    • mairib says:

      Hello C
      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner
      I’ve just updated the Class times page so there might be something on there now that suits you.
      Will also send you a wee email with more info.
      Happy Sewing

  7. Helen says:

    Hi mairi!

    I’m really interested in the skirt and bodice pattern cutting courses in June and July! Can you pls email me a form?

  8. Ann says:

    Please can you tell me a bit more about the machine embroidery class. Does it require a special machine or will I be able to replicate at home on a simple Janome?

    Many yhanks

    • mairib says:

      Hello Ann
      No it doesn’t need a special machine.
      I first learned the technique on a basic machine so im sure you Janome would be fine.
      I normally suggest you bring your own machine to learn on but its ok to work on one of mine.
      Its a great thing to do & has lots of possibilities.
      Let me know if you would like to come to the next class on the 26th & I’ll send you a booking form.
      Happy sewing

  9. Jonathan Davidson says:

    Hey there Maoris I am interested in the sewing for beginners class next month. Would it be possible to book a place? My name is jonny. Email

  10. Alison Toni says:

    One year I will get myself organised and plan my summer holiday so I will be able to do your free machine embroidery course. Or even just be here in Edinburgh when you have a saturday drop in. I’d love to see you again!

    • mairib says:

      Hi Alison, Yes it would be great to see you & hear what you’ve been making. Don’t hold yourself back if you’re in town let me know as you’re always welcome to pop in. Of course you have to be in the country for that, but happy to plan a class with you in mind if you are. Happy Sewing. M

  11. Laura bird says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I am wanting to teach home economics commencing September 2014. I am away for a year and won’t be back until my course commences in September. Basic sewing skills are a requirement for my course. I leaveon the 20th of August. I was wondering if I could get 3/4 lessons a week commencing on the 8th August.
    Hope this isn’t too complicated
    Laura bird


  12. Laura Miller says:

    I would like to enroll for the Monday Dressmaking from Scratch. Will you please send me a form?
    Many thanks!

  13. Louise Hellewell says:

    will you be running any corset courses in August ?

  14. Louise Hellewell says:

    Hi I was hoping to do one of your Corset or 18th Century stays courses when I visit Edinburgh. I’m there from 22nd July to 12th sept and it looks like I will just miss out on both. Do you think you will be adding any more courses between in August or do you know of any similar courses around this time.
    Disappointed but hopeful

  15. Linette Newton says:

    Hello Mairi

    Are you planning any classes during Winter months, or will I need to wait until next Spring? I am interested in the boned bodice class and pattern cutting improvers.

    • mairib says:

      Hi Linette
      Sorry I don’t have anything planned at the moment, as I don’t have as much time free in the winter months with up coming Christmas shows ect.
      I will be looking at my calendar this week so see what I can fit in & email you directly.
      Happy Sewing

  16. Maria Evgeni says:

    Hi Mairi,

    Are there any places left on the 9th of April block of dressmaking from scratch classes? If not, when the next available block would be – for a total beginner? I could also do mid- week 🙂

    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

  17. Moira couty says:

    Would like to book on for beginners class in may

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