Sumptuous garments, accessories & soft furnishing created using free machine embroidery.

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A Bit About Me
Since graduating 20 odd years ago with a degree in printed textile design from the Scottish College of Textiles I have been working as a freelance textile artist & dressmaker.
I began to incorporate free machine embroidered stitched images into my printed fabrics at college. This is the technique of drawing freehand with a sewing machine to illustrate an image or design.
I was inspired primarily by natural forms and colours & my work expresses my love of animal and botanical forms.  Along with colour & form combining textures is a constant inspiration. Now inspiration can come from the smallest thing.
I have been lucky to be able to work from home where my studio is always an explosion of fabric & colour, with the odd cat or two sleeping on the sunny window sill.
It didn’t take long for my 2 dimensional designs to begin to be wrapped around the body in the form of corset based dresses & I have had some great fun over the years making my clients special gown & tops.
I have mainly working to commission & enjoyed create sumptuous garments, soft furnishings & accessories using this free machine embroidery technique.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sew or make things & I was the person in our family that the old aunties sewing things came to & I loved it. So many beautiful threads & strange tools in wooden boxes to be treasured. I still use my great aunt Jean from Glasgow sewing shears today. I like to thing I inherited some of her sewing skills.

Running parallel with my embroidery I have over the years amassed a wide knowledge of garment construction & sewing techniques which I greatly enjoy passing on through teaching at a wide range of levels.
I am now able to offer a specialised range of classes based at my new sewing studio in the Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street.

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  1. Helen Davey says:

    Hi Mairi, I am thinking of giving my daughter sewing lessons for her 11th birthday. It would be lovely for us both to come to a Sewing for Beginners class, but she has swimming on a Saturday morning in term time. Can we book a class just for the two of us? Thanks, Helen

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