Change is afoot

So I’ve been planning to combine my sewing classes (this one) and commission sites into one so its easier for you all to find out about all that I do.

I was part of a direct selling show called Cloth#20 a few weeks ago and used that as my deadline to get the new site up and running. Partly as I do need a deadline to work towards and also because I wanted an online shop to sell work through for the show. Now designing and building websites are not my strong point so I got someone else involved the to create the structure of it and do all the technical stuff that just fries my brain! Even so it seemed to take forever to pull it all together, collating all the images and information and making sure all the links work, never mind making the pieces for the actual show. It wasn’t finished till the day before Cloth#20 and I had very little energy left to do anything about promoting it till now!

Anyway the long and short of it is the new website is now up and live and if you’d like to look through it this is the link

Here’s a few screenshots of the new site and you can see there is a workshop section where I list upcoming classes. Not as many as on the earlier website but I’ve streamlined the selection to cover the most commonly asked for. I’m also excited to have a shop section so I can sell my pieces directly.

So with the new site up & live this will be my last post on this older one. I do have a blog section on the new site & will start posting information there instead. I need to check with my technical advised if there’s a follow option on it, not sure about that.

I hope you like it and continue to follow my creative practice

Happy Sewing

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Classes coming soon!

Well its been a strange old time & I’ve really missed seeing my students in class.

The Drill Hall will be throwing open the big blue doors to the general public on the 10th August so I feel its time to plan some classes for the next few months. As my communityEd pattern cutting classes wont be running for this term I now have some free evenings. With that in mind I will be filling those gaps with sessions at my studio.

10th Aug – Monday 7-9pm Dressmaking from scratch (block of 4 sessions) £80 12th Aug – Wednesday 7-9pm Dressmaking from scratch (block of 4 sessions) £80 13th Aug – Thursday 7-9pm Pattern Cutting Improver’s (block of 4 sessions) £80

So if your keen to get back into your sewing or pattern drafting get in touch to see whats available. Dressmaking from scratch class can cover all levels of stitcher’s. I’m always happy to advise & help with pattern choices etc

With the Gov guidelines in mind I will be limiting it to 2 students per class so we all have room within the studio. I can provide visors, wipes & hand sanitizer. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask that’s fine to.

Studio shot 3

Happy Sewing

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Enough blahh now

Enough of the blahhh!
So I’ve ran up a few masks to cheer myself up. Have u got a mask?
Scotgov are recommending you wear one in public places especially on public transport & when shopping. So here’s a few ready to go in the post if you need one or 2. They are all a standard medium size. If you need it to be slightly bigger I can put a longer elastic on them, just let me know.
I have been asking for donations to my Ko-fi page in exchange for the masks & they work out about £6 each but I’m happy with whatever donation people feel they can pay.           Will send the information with the mask.
Happy Sewing


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Feeling Blahhhh!

So I have no real reason to feel flat, were all well, have a roof over my head & food in the cupboard but though I try to stay positive the last few weeks have been both good & rough. I just wanted to talk about the reality instead of the ever up beat social media front we put on as self employed creatives.

It started with a scared cat situation resulting in an infected hand & overnight stay in hospital on IV antibiotics. Have to say thank goodness for our NHS they were fabulous. Thought I would just get given some pills but no of to hospital for me. I then had a week of hard core antibiotics that frankly made me feel worse than the infection. My system took quite a hammering & I know this is nothing in comparison to what some folk are going through.

As creative makers we are all used to planning our days & productivity but I’ve been finding it sooooo hard to get motivated. Yes I’ve been making masks & you lovely people have donated to my Ko-fi page for them. It’s helping keep the wolf from the door when a lot of other income streams dried up with lockdown but its not what I really want to do. I miss my students & seeing clients for fittings at my studio. I miss planning classes & workshops. I miss chatting to fellow makers & creatives at the Drillhall studios. I’m sad that direct selling shows wont be happening for quite some time! Life is so up in the air & who knows when we will be back to a kinda normal.

I am involved in some interesting up coming projects which I’m grateful for. Last week was tidying up my Drillhall studio & doing some filming there but its a roller coaster of up one minute & down the next. Finding it hard to get back to embroidering & making when I don’t have a fixed date for anything. The ever constant battle of creative angst & not doing what I think should. The #100dayprojectscotland I joined is now on day 38 & my last post was day 14 (have more pieces just not posted them). The #artistsupportpledge I’ve fallen way behind with that to! Was organizing to rebuild my website (so out of date) haven’t done that either!

Am I expecting to much of myself! I don’t know but its my creative process that has always been a stabilizing point in my life when other stuff is out of sink. Here’s a few pics of the mess my home studio is in & it does kinda reflect how I’ve been feeling – a big bag of tangled off cuts with no direction! Sorry if this is just a stream of thought & I’m being self indulgent but can pretend its all shiny all of the time. Does this resonate with anyone else?

So its Monday again & time to get my shit together. Think a good tidy up & then to embroidered hummingbird for a corset front panel. Will keep you posted on how it goes.

Happy Sewing

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Making a Mask

These are strange/scary times were living through. Its all about flattening the curve & protecting each other & the front line services/NHS. Covid-19 is everywhere & were asked to stay home but we do occasionally have to go out. With that in mind I’ve been making face masks for friends & family.

They are defiantly not medical grade but it does make you more aware to keep your distance & how often you touch your face. Take it off when you get home & wash in boiling soapy water, let it dry & your good for you next trip out. I’ve also notice that others are more likely to give you space if your wearing a mask!!

If you find this useful & enjoy following me consider buying me a coffee on my page at

What you need
2 layers of tight woven cotton fabric
1 layer of medium/thick interfacing
Elastic for ear straps


  1. Draw up your pattern.
  2. Cut 2 each of outside & inside cotton & interfacing. You should have 6 pieces of fabric.
  3. Sew each set together on the long curved edge with right sides together.
  4. Pin & sew these 3 sets together on the top & bottom edge. They should be stacked cotton rights sides together & then interfaced layer.
  5. Pin in elastic tabs so the loop is inside the body of the fabric between the two cotton layers.
  6. Sew across one side completely & the other leaving a hole so you can turn the mask inside out.
  7. Turn mask inside out & press in shape, check fit.
  8. Last thing to do is great a small tuck in the side edge which will also close the hole that you pulled it all through.

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Strange Days!

Well what can we say about the times were living in just now !

Needless to say MairiB’s studio at the Drill Hall is closed up and there will be no more direct classes till we come out the other side of this horrible pandemic

Luckily I’ve been able to transfer some materials and equipment back home so have set myself up in the spare room. Feels like going back in time as I started making from home when I left college all those eons ago.  I don’t know about you but I have along list of things to make, some for myself and some for clients when we can finally do fittings again.

So where do we self-employed makers take it from here? After the initial panic of life being turned upside down we all start to put our thinking hats on. As a creative I’ve always found solace and balance in sewing something so that’s what I’m gona do. I’d been planning to make a collection of pieces for an exciting photo shoot and intend to carry on with those garments.

Not being able to see my students in person I have just had a virtual pattern cutting class with the lovely Anna from my communityEd class and feel it went well. I’m aware that we had to stop our term half way through and that you may have question. If this is something you might be interested in then my rate for a virtual chat/class is £21 per hour. It can be done on various platforms, Facebook chat, Zoom, Skype just get in touch so we can figure out what works best for you.

I’m also looking into preparing a few sewing technique classes that I will record and can send out for a small fee. Though filming is not my strong point so bear with on that one!

Just because we are being socially distant does not mean we need to lose touch.                

Stay safe, Stay well, Stay home and always Happy Sewing

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New Year Classes

Oh its taken me a wee bit of time to update my classes page. I always have such good intentions to do it before Christmas & still never manage it!! Anyway I have now planned for some general dressmaking weekend sessions & Corsets/Stays classes in the next few months. Here’s the list so far & you can look up whats in each one & prices on my class page

26th Sunday – Machine Embroidery 1.30-5pm

1st Saturday – Sewing for Beginners 10.30-12.30pm
1st Saturday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm (week1)
8th Saturday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm (week2)
15th Saturday – Machine Embroidery 1.30-5pm
23rd Sunday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm (week1)

1st Sunday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm (week2)
21st Saturday – The Corset (day1) 11-5pm
22nd Sunday – Pattern Cutting (Skirt) 11-5pm

4th Saturday – The Corset (day2) 11-5pm
26th Sunday – The Stay (day1) 11-5pm

10th Sunday – The Stay (day2) 11 -5pm

Do let me know if you want any additional info & a booking form.

Happy Sewing

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Last show of year / Open studio!

Its been a busy few weekends with shows & a big thank you to those who came to see me. All those little & big purchases are what keep us makers going.

My last event of this year is going be as part of  Drillhall Arts Market

I will have my studio open on Saturday the 14th December from 11am till 5pm. If you have some last minute gifts to get then there are some lovely folk at the arts market including Karl Macrae & his work is well worth a look.

There will be a few other studios open, abstract paintings by Megan Chapman & sculptures by Polly Thelwall  to mention a few & we will have signs up to help you find us.

I’ll have a range of cushions & small accessories for sale & of course my bodices on show. Come say hello.

Happy Sewing

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Upcoming Selling Shows

Well that time of year when all us makers show their individually made treasures in the hope you lovely people will buy them for Christmas gifts. With that in mind I have a few shows coming up.

At the end of this month on Saturday 30th Nov I will be at the Humbie Winter Market . Never done this one before but sometimes the local ones are the best & I believe the elves will have a pop up cafe. Very family orientated & looks like a fun day.

Then in a contrast to the village hall, the next day I will be at Edinburgh Printmakers  for their first Christmas Market in the new building. Its a fabulous new space for printmakers in Edinburgh with exhibition & work spaces & a cafe to keep you filled up for a look round.  So Sunday the 1st December this is where I’ll be & do come by to see us.

I then have a week to replenish my stocks before GLOW on the 7th & 8th December. In the gorgeous Dovecot Studio  I will be among the makers showing work on the viewing  balcony. Organised by fellow maker James Donald & over 2 days whats not to like. Live top tunes from DJ Tonia (I would imaging not your traditional Xmas ones) & again a great cafe on the ground floor.

Here’s a few of the things I will be showing & selling. Always happy to take commissions if your looking for something specific.

Happy Sewing

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Machine Embroider Class

You all know my specialty is free machine embroidery which I then use on all kinds of things from bodices to cushions & purses. See the stages of a butterfly on tweed below.

If you’ve ever wanted to try the technique I have a class planned for next Sunday 20th Oct, running from 1.30 to 5pm.
This afternoon class explains how to drop the feed dogs on your machine and then work within a frame to create your own designs. We will also look at working with an standard embroidery foot.
Your embroidery can be kept as a sample or incorporated into something else.
Threads & fabrics provided but feel free to bring materials of your own if you wish.
Recommended Abilities:  Suitable for sewers of all abilities

Course Fee: £60

There are still a couple of spaces so do get in touch if you fancy an afternoon off fun stitching in the studio. Tea & biscuit fueled!!


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