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As my evenings become clear from my CommunityED classes I can do more evening base ones in the studio. I do love these as the numbers are limited to 3 students per class which means we can real focus of each persons needs.                                                                                All helped along by a pot of tea or coffee, surely the best way to learn.

So what’s planned I hear you ask?

General Dressmaking                                                                                                                      30th March & 6th April, Saturday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm.                              Over 2 afternoons, plenty of time to put together a simple skirt or work through a sticky section of a garment you’ve been making already.                                                                         If that time doesn’t suit then you can also do it over 4 Monday evenings starting on 8th, Mondays – Dressmaking from scratch 7-9pm (4 week block)                                                Both these classes cost £80 for either the 2 Saturdays or 4 evenings.

Pattern Cutting                                                                                                                                     If you have been making clothes from commercial patterns then this is the next step in developing your skills by learning to draft up your own patterns.                                               7th April Saturday – Pattern Cutting (Skirt) 11-5pm £80 + £5 for card & calico
Using metric pattern cutting techniques learn how to draft a skirt block using your measurement & make a calico mock-up to check the fit.
We then explore manipulation of the basic block to create various skirt design.

If you wanted to develop your skills further I’ve also an evening class planned.                     9th April Tuesdays – Pattern Cutting 7-9pm (4 week block) £80

Beginners Class                                                                                                                                Still a space left on this coming Saturdays class, the 16th March.                                                Bring your new sewing machine & spend the morning making friends with it & starting your sewing journey.

Do get in touch if you need any information or want to book one of the above.

Happy Sewing



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Corset Class

Corsets what’s not to love, undergarments or over garments there fascinating.

I remember looking at them 30 years ago in the costume gallery at Platt Hall, Manchester and being desperate to try making one. The way they moulded the form, the lines, the busk, fabulous.

Over the years I have worked with various different patterns but never tire of going back to my original inspirational book.

Corsets & Crinolines by Norah Waugh. Finding it in the library all those years ago was a game changer for me. I starting drafting up patterns for stays and gradually moving onto corsets.

Today there is so much info on-line but I still love to get books to work from.                    The other ones I often refer to are Corsets by Jill Salen and Stays& Corsets by Mandy Barrington. Both are good source books for a budding corset maker.

Nothing beats trial and error when you start making your first one and they can be quite addictive. Everyone has their own method of construction and in my classes I can only show you my way. I do love making them & enjoy sharing my process.

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If you are interested in try it I have a class planned on Sunday 17th & 31st March.              Two days with a week or so in between as you will need time to do homework!

Here’s the details and do contact me if you want more info.

The Corset
Time: 2 Days : 11am – 5pm (5 ½ hrs)
Course Fee: £160.00
The corset is a wonderful garment to wear giving you a fabulous hour-glass shape and can take inches off your waist!  Originally designed and worn by the Victorians as underwear, this garment has come right up to date and is now worn as outerwear.
On this two-day workshop you will work with a Victorian corset pattern c1890,
We will look at construction, boning techniques & inserting a busk.
From a toile altered to fit, through to your finished corset.
NB. You will have the opportunity to cover your corset in a fabric of your choice if you so wish. Silk dupion type fabrics are ideal. You may bring your own fabric or purchase from me on the day.
Material Costs: Approx £30.00, plus top fabrics and interfacing.
Recommended Abilities: Must have confident sewing skills, able to work reasonably quickly and accurately

Happy Sewing

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Oh how time is flying again! but I have finally planned a some classes for the next few months. If you are looking for something specific then do get in touch & I will try to fit it in.

February                                                                                                                                                  Sewing for Beginners 2nd Saturday –  10.30-12.30pm                                                                     If your new to sewing this will help you make friends with your machine.
Dressmaking from scratch 2nd Saturday –  1.30-5pm (week1)
Dressmaking from scratch 9th Saturday – 1.30-5pm (week2)                                                      Two sessions giving you time to either start your first project or push on with something that’s more challenging.
Pattern cutting (The Skirt)  10th Sunday –  12-5pm                                                                   If your new to making your own patterns this the best place to start.                                   Learn how to draft a skirt block using your measurement & make a calico mock-up to check the fit.

Sewing for Beginners 16th Saturday -10.30-12.30pm
Fit & Finish (1/2 day) 16th Saturday –  1.30-4.30pm                                                                        Come and finish off that garment that has been causing you all the problems!
The Corset (day1) 17th Sunday – 11-5pm
The Corset (day2) 31st Sunday – 11-5pm                                                                                     Working with a Victorian corset pattern c1890, we will look at construction, boning techniques & inserting a busk.  With time in between to work on your corset at home

For full descriptions & the price for each one follow this link to my Class page

Happy Sewing


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Open Studios

It’s that time of year where everyone & their dog has open studios! Not wanting to be left out my door will be open on Saturday 1st December as part of the Drill Halls Open Studios

Come by to see what I’m working on & browse a selection of textile delights. I’m not alone as others in the building will have their doors open. Also there is an Arts market on so lots to see & when you’re in need of refreshments the cafe will have its usual yummy selection.

If your aware of the Just a Card campaign to encourage us all to support local makers & shops then you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Drill Hall on the 1st December.

Happy Independent Christmas Shopping!


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How to make a Shirt

2 Sunday sessions 25th Nov & 2nd Dec       From 1-4.30pm: £80

Bit of a last minute class but have you ever wanted to make yourself or your partner a shirt?

In this class, working with your own pattern & fabric we will make a shirt.

I will take you through general dressmaking & sewing techniques helping you work out any of those tricky bits in your pattern. Collars, setting in sleeves, cuffs, I will tailor the course to each person’s individual needs & aim to give a good finish to your garment.

This class is aimed at those looking to improve skills they already have.  Not suitable to complete beginners

Do get in touch if you would like to come along


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Botanics Wedding Fair

I’m so happy to be asked to show my bridal work at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh this Sunday! I love embroidering flowers & botanically inspired pieces and have wanted to show here for years.

So go for a wee Sunday walk round the amazing gardens and stop by the Caledonian Hall to see me and the other exhibiters. The east gate is your most direct way in and we will be ready to see you from 12 to 4pm.

Heres the link to their page for information on a botanics wedding

Happy Sewing


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Oh so what have I been up to in the last few weeks you ask??

Well its all about making new things to show at Cloth#18 at the Dovecot Gallery this weekend. 23 fabulous textile people & their work will be showing & selling in th balcony area.  Such a nice space to be in & I’ll have corsets, cushions, bags, purses & wall panels on show, lots to see.

You could easily spend the day in this old converted swimming pool as there’s also Dazzle (jewelery) & a Liberty’s exhibition on & the cafe for supplies.

Heres the link to the show page https://dovecotstudios.com/programme/cloth-18/

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