Making a Mask

These are strange/scary times were living through. Its all about flattening the curve & protecting each other & the front line services/NHS. Covid-19 is everywhere & were asked to stay home but we do occasionally have to go out. With that in mind I’ve been making face masks for friends & family.

They are defiantly not medical grade but it does make you more aware to keep your distance & how often you touch your face. Take it off when you get home & wash in boiling soapy water, let it dry & your good for you next trip out. I’ve also notice that others are more likely to give you space if your wearing a mask!!

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What you need
2 layers of tight woven cotton fabric
1 layer of medium/thick interfacing
Elastic for ear straps


  1. Draw up your pattern.
  2. Cut 2 each of outside & inside cotton & interfacing. You should have 6 pieces of fabric.
  3. Sew each set together on the long curved edge with right sides together.
  4. Pin & sew these 3 sets together on the top & bottom edge. They should be stacked cotton rights sides together & then interfaced layer.
  5. Pin in elastic tabs so the loop is inside the body of the fabric between the two cotton layers.
  6. Sew across one side completely & the other leaving a hole so you can turn the mask inside out.
  7. Turn mask inside out & press in shape, check fit.
  8. Last thing to do is great a small tuck in the side edge which will also close the hole that you pulled it all through.

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  1. k8 says:

    Just the Job! Cheers Mairi xx k8

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