Strange Days!

Well what can we say about the times were living in just now !

Needless to say MairiB’s studio at the Drill Hall is closed up and there will be no more direct classes till we come out the other side of this horrible pandemic

Luckily I’ve been able to transfer some materials and equipment back home so have set myself up in the spare room. Feels like going back in time as I started making from home when I left college all those eons ago.  I don’t know about you but I have along list of things to make, some for myself and some for clients when we can finally do fittings again.

So where do we self-employed makers take it from here? After the initial panic of life being turned upside down we all start to put our thinking hats on. As a creative I’ve always found solace and balance in sewing something so that’s what I’m gona do. I’d been planning to make a collection of pieces for an exciting photo shoot and intend to carry on with those garments.

Not being able to see my students in person I have just had a virtual pattern cutting class with the lovely Anna from my communityEd class and feel it went well. I’m aware that we had to stop our term half way through and that you may have question. If this is something you might be interested in then my rate for a virtual chat/class is £21 per hour. It can be done on various platforms, Facebook chat, Zoom, Skype just get in touch so we can figure out what works best for you.

I’m also looking into preparing a few sewing technique classes that I will record and can send out for a small fee. Though filming is not my strong point so bear with on that one!

Just because we are being socially distant does not mean we need to lose touch.                

Stay safe, Stay well, Stay home and always Happy Sewing

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2 Responses to Strange Days!

  1. Beth Duffus says:

    Strange days indeed though it does make one realise how many projects are in the pipeline. Will just 3 months be enough? I spy Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 5. I didn’t know there was a fifth book. I have the other 4 but I’ve never got round to making any of the costumes. Have you? Maybe now is the time.

    • mairib says:

      Hi Beth
      I use JA1 for reference & have made up a few for commissions based in them. 5 is just fabulous & is all undergarments. Yes maybe now is the time to work some of them up.
      Happy Sewing

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