Up coming classes

As my evenings become clear from my CommunityED classes I can do more evening base ones in the studio. I do love these as the numbers are limited to 3 students per class which means we can real focus of each persons needs.                                                                                All helped along by a pot of tea or coffee, surely the best way to learn.

So what’s planned I hear you ask?

General Dressmaking                                                                                                                      30th March & 6th April, Saturday – Dressmaking from scratch 1.30-5pm.                              Over 2 afternoons, plenty of time to put together a simple skirt or work through a sticky section of a garment you’ve been making already.                                                                         If that time doesn’t suit then you can also do it over 4 Monday evenings starting on 8th, Mondays – Dressmaking from scratch 7-9pm (4 week block)                                                Both these classes cost £80 for either the 2 Saturdays or 4 evenings.

Pattern Cutting                                                                                                                                     If you have been making clothes from commercial patterns then this is the next step in developing your skills by learning to draft up your own patterns.                                               7th April Saturday – Pattern Cutting (Skirt) 11-5pm £80 + £5 for card & calico
Using metric pattern cutting techniques learn how to draft a skirt block using your measurement & make a calico mock-up to check the fit.
We then explore manipulation of the basic block to create various skirt design.

If you wanted to develop your skills further I’ve also an evening class planned.                     9th April Tuesdays – Pattern Cutting 7-9pm (4 week block) £80

Beginners Class                                                                                                                                Still a space left on this coming Saturdays class, the 16th March.                                                Bring your new sewing machine & spend the morning making friends with it & starting your sewing journey.

Do get in touch if you need any information or want to book one of the above.

Happy Sewing



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