Corset Class

Corsets what’s not to love, undergarments or over garments there fascinating.

I remember looking at them 30 years ago in the costume gallery at Platt Hall, Manchester and being desperate to try making one. The way they moulded the form, the lines, the busk, fabulous.

Over the years I have worked with various different patterns but never tire of going back to my original inspirational book.

Corsets & Crinolines by Norah Waugh. Finding it in the library all those years ago was a game changer for me. I starting drafting up patterns for stays and gradually moving onto corsets.

Today there is so much info on-line but I still love to get books to work from.                    The other ones I often refer to are Corsets by Jill Salen and Stays& Corsets by Mandy Barrington. Both are good source books for a budding corset maker.

Nothing beats trial and error when you start making your first one and they can be quite addictive. Everyone has their own method of construction and in my classes I can only show you my way. I do love making them & enjoy sharing my process.

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If you are interested in try it I have a class planned on Sunday 17th & 31st March.              Two days with a week or so in between as you will need time to do homework!

Here’s the details and do contact me if you want more info.

The Corset
Time: 2 Days : 11am – 5pm (5 ½ hrs)
Course Fee: £160.00
The corset is a wonderful garment to wear giving you a fabulous hour-glass shape and can take inches off your waist!  Originally designed and worn by the Victorians as underwear, this garment has come right up to date and is now worn as outerwear.
On this two-day workshop you will work with a Victorian corset pattern c1890,
We will look at construction, boning techniques & inserting a busk.
From a toile altered to fit, through to your finished corset.
NB. You will have the opportunity to cover your corset in a fabric of your choice if you so wish. Silk dupion type fabrics are ideal. You may bring your own fabric or purchase from me on the day.
Material Costs: Approx £30.00, plus top fabrics and interfacing.
Recommended Abilities: Must have confident sewing skills, able to work reasonably quickly and accurately

Happy Sewing

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