Upcoming classes

Its been way to long since I have blogged!

Where has this year gone, I’ve been so busy with commissions & bridal that there just hasn’t been a spare minute to think about or run any classes at the studio! Though with my community Ed classes finishing soon for the summer I have now got some dates on my class times page so take a look there for additional dates. Here’s some of the info.

Dressmaking from Scratch
June 26th (Monday) or 28th (Wednesday)  7-9pm  (4 week block) : £70                                    If you are a beginner or just want improve your dressmaking skills then this is a good class for you. I will take you through general dressmaking & sewing techniques helping you work out any of those tricky bits in your pattern.  Zips, collars, setting in sleeves, I will tailor the course to each person’s individual needs & aim to give a good finish to your garment.

Sewing for Beginners
July 8th or 12th Aug (Saturday) – Sewing for Beginners 10.30-12.30pm Fee:  £25
This class is for absolute beginners to dressmaking and sewing. You will discover how to use the sewing machine, make seams and understand pattern instructions.
If you have a machine of your own please feel free to bring it with you to learn on.
Recommended Abilities:  Absolute beginners

The Corset
2 Days :  July 16th Sunday – (day1) & 29th Saturday – (day2) – 11-5pm
Course Fee: £150.00
The corset is a wonderful garment to wear giving you a fabulous hour-glass shape and can take inches off your waist!  Originally designed and worn by the Victorians as underwear, this garment has come right up to date and is now worn as outerwear.
On this two-day workshop you will work with a Victorian corset pattern c1890,
We will look at construction, boning techniques & inserting a busk.
From a toile altered to fit, through to your finished corset.
NB. You will have the opportunity to cover your corset in a fabric of your choice if you so wish. Silk dupion type fabrics are ideal. You may bring your own fabric or purchase from me on the day.
Material Costs: Approx £30.00, plus top fabrics and interfacing.
Recommended Abilities: Must have confident sewing skills, able to work reasonably quickly and accurately

So if your intrested in any of these classes do get in touch & I can send you a booking form.

Happy Sewing



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