Corsets, love them!

If you want to have ago at making one to fit I have a few class times coming up over the next few months for both Stays & Corsets

February – 1st Sunday – The Corset (day1) 10.30-4.30pm                                                            – 8th Sunday – The Corset (day2) 11-5pm

April – 12th Sunday – 18th Century Stays (day 1) 11-5pm                                                            – 19th Sunday – 18th Century Stays (day 2) 11-5pm

May – 23rd Saturday – The Corset (day1) 10.30-4.30pm                                                                 – 31st Sunday – The Corset (day2) 11-5pm

I plan the class with a week in between so you can work on the piece at home as there is quite a lot involved there construction. For a full description & cost look on my Class page

Corset components

Corset Components

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