Love Your Clothes !

I am happy & excited to say that I will be involved in the up coming Love Your Clothes event on the 31st May at John Lewis Edinburgh.

In conjunction with the store & over three cities, Love Your Clothes have asked 3 textile people Angharad McLaren (Aberdeen), Shirley McLauchlan (Glasgow), & me in Edinburgh to give demonstrations & inspirations for upcycling, repairing & mending your clothes.

We all throw away too much stuff & with the availability of cheap clothing, it’s just too easy to bin it & start again. If we look to the past when every bit of fabric was reused, from jumpers ripped out & reknitted to scraps of dresses sewn into bags or quilts the possibilities are endless. Today we can take the ideas we like & run with them.

Splice two tops together to make a new one, how about combining that silk scarf you love with the old t-shirt that has a hole in it. I have lots of scraps of fabrics from favourite clothes that are just waiting to become something else, even if its only a covered button.

If nothing else, at least see if you’re local charity shop will get money for the scraps as rags. Have a look here for information on textile recycling

More info on the John Lewis event can be found at

Fabric scraps into buttons!

Fabric scraps new life as covered buttons!

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2 Responses to Love Your Clothes !

  1. Hi Mairi, First of all, congratulations! I would love to come along. Can you please clarify the day and date? I only have 30 days in June huni :)Shirley(keen upcycler)

    Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 15:36:36 +0000 To:

    • mairib says:

      Hi Shirley
      I shouldn’t be let loose on a computer; the event is the 31st of May. Dyslexia rules!
      Therefore, a week this Saturday I will be in John Lewis haberdashery department to chat & give ideas on Loving Your Clothes.

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