Chair project

As is my way over Christmas I like a project to work on for myself!!

This year I decided to bring the chair I found a month or so ago by the bins back to life.

Taking out the seat base I sanded & wire wooled the chair to remove any residue varnish before polishing it up with beeswax. It always gives a nice finish & the wood sucked up the polish nicely.

Then it was time to work on the seat base.

Stripping off the damaged wood & old horsehair padding I took it back to the basic frame. Then comes the fun bit of rewebbing the seat, padding out with some foam I had, covering with a bit of kapok & finishing off with cotton calico to hold it all together.

I took the short cut of using my staple gun to attach the calico as I didn’t have enough nails handy! This gives a good base to then recover as many times as I want in the future with out having to go through all this again.

As I had decided to put the found chair in my bedroom I used a bit of furnishing cotton I had that was just the right colour. Being me I couldn’t just put it on plain so I appliquéd & embroidered a few scattered leaves over the chair to match some that were in the room already. I checked they were in the right position on the seat before stretching the fabric over the seat base & popping it into the chair.

Tada all done!!.

I think it looks great in its new home & cost me nothing but some time & the joy of doing it.

Happy New Year & Happy Sewing in 2014

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