New denim skirts

Sewing away I seem to be losing all track of time at the moment  but I have just dropped of a few new denim skirts at Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street & in the next few days I will get a nice new collection of purses to them aswell.

Heres their Facebook link if you want to keep track of whats new in CW.

here’s a few images of some of the skirts.

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2 Responses to New denim skirts

  1. nancy Livingstone says:

    Hi Mairi
    Just been admireing your lovely skirts, do you still make these lovely corsets you used to make, and the felt work.

    • mairib says:

      Hi Nancy
      So lovely to hear from you.
      Yes still making the embroidered corsets & wedding frock.
      These are some of my dilution range of skirts & purses that I got into making after I got am embellisher.
      It gives me the base colours to work with that I used to get by layering silk organza before stitching into it.
      Love working in tweed now as its so different from silk but I try to use found wools, so older one of pieces to make unique skirts & things.
      Aiming to make looser stitched pieces unlike my really concentrated earlier work.
      Hope your well & still spreading the knowledge.
      You so inspired me to draft whatever pattern I needed.

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