Tweed everywhere!

This week I have been working on some Harris Tweed curtains, the fluff gets everywhere & it also reminded me that I hadn’t put up pictures of a coat I made before Christmas.

The lovely Marianne came to see me with a gorgeous bit of Harris Tweed sent to her by her uncle who lives on the western isle. She had quite a clear idea about what she wanted & we had great fun tweaking her vision to get the finished garment. Aiming for a fitted double-breasted coat we added nice detailing by recycling old leather buttons, giving her hidden pockets, a chunky collar & deep cuffs. It was a bit of a stretch with the fabric available but I was really pleased with the finished coat.

Here are some photos of her back on her Dads croft on Lewis for Christmas where the wellies are not so much a fashion statement but a necessity.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. james says:


    This looks amazing! What a fantastic blog!!! I will add you to my blog list to follow ( as well as mention you on the Concrete Wardrobe Blog (

    This looks fab! Keep up the good work


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